Spring is finally here and tulips are blooming! 💐

Spring is finally here and tulips are blooming! 💐

Happy Cinco Friends!


Whether it’s a margarita in hand or some alone time with a good book, we hope Sunday brings you at least a bit of relaxation. Sometimes we all need a reminder to slow down, but if you want to see what we’ve been busy with keep reading!


If you don’t give a hoot what we’ve been doing, but you want to know when the flowers are ready—We’re planning a kickoff event, keep an eye out for updates.

Have a great day!


We are BEGINNER gardeners— please keep that in mind. We are trying many different methods to see what works best for us. This includes a lot of trial and error, and so much learning along the way. This year we decided to try out soil blocks!

Almost all of our seeds started in little blocks (that could be easily mistaken for one-bite brownies). This did work well, and allowed for easy bottom watering in the lunch trays that we used for them— but found that most of our flowers did best when we potted them up—but this was a GREAT space saver when we were first starting seeds and didn’t have many lights set up.


Let’s take a peek at that same tray of dahlia seeds….

They’ve grown a bit…buuuut it’s not warm enough for us to put them outside so we might have to get creative here. I’ve learned so much about dahlias already this year by experimenting with them from seed. They grew much faster than I thought they would… and some of the cuttings I have taken from them are already growing little tubers of their own! My thumb is getting greener ;)


So many things happened on the dahlia journey between the two pictures here. Let me know if you’re interested in process— the soil blocking, pinching/propagating of dahlias, seed vs tubers, what are you curious about?!


Happy gardening,


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